You probably have thought about renovations to start the new year anew. Well, this 2022 should be the year of change since it has been two years now since the pandemic. When it comes to your kitchen, the same thing applies; new style, new design, new life.   

If you are currently looking for a kitchen remodeling contractor, you still need to know some of the basics when it comes to trends now to give you an idea on how to style and design your kitchen. According to the pros, some results were no surprise as stainless-steel appliances and white cabinets are two of the go-to choices of most people as it looks modern and clean. However, there are also trends that we have uncovered which you can try this year.   

The first trend now is a kitchen equipped with high-end technology. This is not news since smart houses are now also a trend, and technology is now embedded in our daily lives through our smartphones and other gadgets. More than one-third of homeowners admitted that they have upgraded their kitchen appliances with high-tech gadgets which can be controlled with a smartphone. This allows more convenience for the users. These appliances include a smart fridge, a smart oven, and more.   

The second trend in 2022 is specialty cabinets. Yes, these necessities have not gone low in demand. In fact, it has become increasingly popular over the years as it resolves the kitchen problem: cluttered and messy. Cabinets with pull-out waste and those that can hold coolie trays are among the most popular choices of homeowners.   

The third one is the shaker-style cabinets that never go out of trend. They are simple but aesthetically pleasing, not to mention very usable for any kind of storage. In fact, since last year, these kinds of cabinets spiked on demand and it was found out that more than 50% of homeowners opt for a transitional décor style.   

The fourth trend is vinyl flooring in the kitchen. Before vinyl, wood was the most popular choice as it gives that traditional and classical feel for a clean kitchen. However, vinyl has increased its popularity soaring from 14% to 20% this year. Compared to hardwood, this material is more affordable and provides a softer feeling on the feet beside its pretty look.  

The fifth is longer kitchen islands. A kitchen island is a freestanding object that is used to augment the functionality and aesthetics of the cooking area in the kitchen. This year, it was reported that homeowners tend to prefer their kitchen islands more than 7 feet long. The extra space is utilized for baking and cooking. Some even reported that they used their kitchen island for working since the pandemic started and everyone is in the house doing work and studies. Other people use it for storage.  

There are still many styles and trends in this year and who knows, more trends are coming for the next months to come. It is all about making it more personalized and high-tech for aesthetics and convenience.